Thursday, September 3, 2009

Origami decorating idea...

When my daughter was in her crib (3 days ago) the origami butterfly mobile fit right over her crib. We just recently switched to a big girl bed and so it is sort of out of place. I will be moving it soon over her little table.

Very rarely do I have a genius decorating idea of my own. Not that it has never been done, but that I thought of it and liked how it turned out. Although I feel my little girls room is still a work in progress, I do love the origami butterflies I used in it. Everything started with a blanket my sister in-law gave me. I needed to match the colors. The colors sort of made me think of a japanese cherry blossom tree. That led me to the origami.


1-2 long sticks bought at a craft store
Fishing line
Hot Glue
Scrapbook or oragami paper
Thick strong needle

- Make about 6 butterflies using these steps here. Sometimes it takes a few tries before you really get it.
- Now paint the sticks the color of your choice, cut 3 peices (2 same and one a shorter length). Glue the two that are the same size on top of each other. Then add the smaller peice on top (all peices should be crossing over a different direction).
- Cut 6 long lengths of fishing line. This gives you room to tie knots and choose the length I want. To attatch the line with the butterflies you will need a thick/strong needle. Thread the fishing line into the eye of the needle. You can string the butterflies however you feel needed. I chose to string the line through the right wing, the middle and then the left wing. I then tied the top together and it seemed to balance the butterfly really well.
- To add the butterfly to the sticks you can tie the line tightly around the edge of the sticks and put hot glue on the top to secure.

Origami in Frames:

For the shadow boxes, I created larger origami butterflies. bought 3 shawdow boxes at the craft store. Painted them the choice of color. (I used crackle paint to create the antique look). Placed the butterfly's in and secered them with a pin. Very simple!!!