Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just to post....

So I have been dying to post about something, anything actually. Just something other then reviews, giveaways or deals. Although these do tend to be some of the more exciting post that take place on Catch the Drift... I just want to write something new for a change. My biggest problem has been major writers block. I think most of it has to be from all of the other blogger and personal events in my life right now. All good events of course, but they do take a load of my mind and thoughts. So instead of coming up with an incredible post to share with you I decided to bore you with this post about how I would like to post. It is all nonsense really.

I would however like to mention something fun I am planning on getting up this next week. A recipe exchange. I love finding new recipes and would love to hear some of your favorites (Maybe you can even share your family secret recipes). I want to make this easy and have all the recipes available for everyone to view. So Mr. Linky will be our guide on this one. Start thinking of those recipes and I will let you know when I am ready for them. Basically I will ask that you post your favorite recipe on your site and then add the link and recipe name on Mr. Linky. I may have a few different Linky's categorize so you will know where to find main courses, desserts etc. This also will give you the option to copy and paste some of your favorite recipes and add then to your recipe files.

Well It is getting late and I must get some sleep. After this month I hope to be recharged and ready with some more fun ideas and post. Things have been a little slow, but I promise you it is just a temporary thing while I try to get through this month full of the craziest schedule ever. Seriously my life is crazy until the first of May. So until then bare with me and enjoy the upcoming deals, reviews, giveaways and the Recipe Swap!


Ann said...

I'm with ya'! Don't you worry.

I'm sorry your schedule is so crazy. (May is just around the corner :-> )