Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Craft Ideas.

Easter is just around the corner and I feel so bad I never got any crafts or fun ideas up to share. This month and next are some of my busiest months this year. Well, it does seem like I get a lot of those months??? Well it really is and I have several projects I am trying to keep up with along the way so I hope I start getting some moments like this where I can hurry and post some fun things for you. Here are some fun crafts I wish I would have done or am planning on doing with my kids this weekend. Enjoy!

This Chick Card is very easy for all ages and not that messy.

Look what I found. These wonderful instructions on how to make a fabric Easter Basket at dabbled. I love this site it has lots of fun ideas. I totally want one of these so by next year I am going to make one or order one from our favorite Etsy shop LaDesign2.

Present you Easter Eggs to the Eggstreme! I have started seeing several ideas using toddler socks. At first I was like, "Gross", but it is starting to grow on me. Then I saw these cute one's at Parents. Here is the instructions.

Parents also offered instructions for these adorable eggs. If you are able to do your egg hunt out doors imagine how fun the kids will have looking for these fun creatures.

Last is these cute name holders. I imagine they may take a while so maybe use cotton balls instead. But I love the idea.


Dot said...

Hi! thanks for the link-love to dabbled.org!

You have such a cute blog... nice to meet you!


Anonymous said...

That first craft is so cute! I'll have to do that one w/ the kids I nanny for!