Friday, November 14, 2008

Food and Money$$$

So many of us are trying to come up with ways to save money. One easy way to cut down is to look at your food.
On Money Savings Mom you can find out more and learn some tips. It talks about making food from scrap and freezing food.

Also I have to share about the best grocery shopping site ever. Grocery Smarts.
I have literally saved over $100 worth of grocery's each trip. Yes, each trip. This website is more usefull if you get the Sunday paper and its coupons. But even without it, it shares it's own coupons and deals from all around. I love it!
So here is how it works (you may have to play around with it before you really get the hang of it). Go to and on the right hand corner you will notice a space where you can enter a code.
Here is your code g84cjf.
Now you will be sent to another page where you can select from a variety of stores, see who has the best deals and what they have to offer and how to make a great deal even better with coupons.

If you have Q. about it you can email me. Also if you found a great and useful site or have any great tips please share by leaving a comment!