Thursday, September 9, 2010

Captain Zoom REVIEW!!!


I was recently approached by a Captain Zoom Representative regarding a review. I had not heard of Captain Zoom or his personalized songs for special occasions. I was however a fan of personalized songs and always wanted to see what my children's response would be to one. I did my usual background check on the site and product to make sure it would be worth my time and I was impressed with all of Captain Zoom fans. These were fans from years ago (Captain Zoom was introduced in 1979)! With all of the great feedback from past customers I couldn't pass this opportunity up. This was also perfect timing since my youngest was about to have a birthday!

Nothing can describe the happiness you feel when you know your child or loved one is filled with excitement and joy. This is the feeling I got when I saw my daughter beaming while listening to her very own Captain Zoom Personalized Birthday Song.

On the day of my daughters birthday I was worried since my husband and I had been up all night with our son who had gotten the flu. We were all tired and had to cancel any birthday plans. My daughter was so excited when she woke up, but realized that her birthday wasn't going to go as planned. However, Captain Zoom came to the rescue. I told my daughter that even though we were stuck home all day, a special friend wanted to sing a very special birthday song just for her. This is when I gave her the CD, we opened it and put it in the CD player. I recorded her reaction and this is a "Must See"!

(Know that I edited out parts where it said her name, for privacy reasons. This is also just bits and pieces from the song)

I LOVE Captain Zoom in fact my son has requested his own song. Lucky for me and all of my readers Captain Zoom is offering a discount!!!

20% off Discount
Expires Sept. 30, 2010

This product was donated for the purpose of a review. Even though I was given this product free, my review is my own honest opinion.