Friday, April 22, 2011

Mr. Linky is back!

For now at least. It's sure been a while. It seems like since I was gone Mclinky is now charging for the linkys which I am not sure I want to be paying for at this time. If anyone knows of any other linky systems that are awesome and free let me know!

Thanks and enjoy your Easter Weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt (Free Download)

I started this tradition with my children last year when we were up at our cabin. Before my children go to bed they put their baskets out. When they woke up to get them they found a note and the first clue. This led them all over the place collecting clues until the final clue led them to their baskets. They loved it and for that reason I am coming up with a whole new one this year.

I figured I would save those of you interested from the trouble of coming up with your own scavenger hunt. The clues are pretty simple since my children are younger. Obviously some of the clues won't work for your home or what's available. For that reason just delete that clue or create your own.

What You Need
- Plastic Eggs

Download Here

Hints for you on where to hide the clues....

First Clue: When you see this “Bear”, don’t bealarmed,He doesn’t growl and you means no harm! (Put the clue with a Teddy Bear)

Second Clue: "If there is a show you are wanting tosee,Pick up the remote and turn on the……." (Come on. It's the TV)

Third Clue: "When your tummy’s growling and youneed something to eat,Follow your nose and pick up your feet!" (Fridge)

Fourth Clue: "Though I am far away and I don’t havea phoneContact me this way… it will be sent tomy home" (Mail Box)

Fifth Clue: "You might not have noticed this next clue at all, It blends very nicely with what’s on the wall!" (Hide in a wreath or frame on the wall)

Sixth Clue: "If you’re covered in mud and/or starting to stink, You may need to clean up in more than a sink!" (Bath Tub)

Seventh Clue: "You’re almost done, just one more clue And then you can see what I’ve left for you. To find your baskets you must be brave And go to a place that is dark like a cave!" (A Closet or Crawl Space)

Have a Great Easter!

What should the Easter Bunny get for my significant other???

Time is running out and many of you may be wondering what to do for your significant other this Easter. Last year I shared this fun little game I put together, but wanted to remind those who forgot or who never got the chance to see it. Everything is pretty much ready for you to print. There are just a few items you will need to get.

This is for the bedroom so you may want the Easter Bunny to present this in the evening when the kids have gone to bed ;0)

This is a romantic game of Truth or Dare. Not only is it fun, but will hopefully allow you and your significant other make some time for the two of you after the little ones go to bed. This is defiantly a game you will want to play behind your bedroom doors so know that some of the truth and dares may be a little... You know. (However, it is fun and not offensive). I am pretty conservative. Some of you may even want to add your own truth or dares.

All you need is :
A Basket
Easter Eggs (to place the Truth or Dare messages in)

If you choose to use my "Truth or Dares" you will need the following:
Body Paint or Chocolate Syrup
Candy Handcuffs (these can be found at most novelty stores)

How to Play:
It is easy. Each person takes turns opening an egg. Each egg has a Truth or Dare, which your partner will have to complete.

Download the game here!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello World....

So my plans of taking a month off has extended to about three. We are somewhat settled now. What I mean by "somewhat" is we have signed a short term lease until we find a more permanent home.

During our first month here, we lived in a hotel and searched several areas until we finally found the area we loved. We then began to run out of time and so we knew we had better find a home in the school district of the area we were considering. There is so much to think about right now as to whether we should rent or buy, etc. and we would hate to rush into anything.

My children have been amazing through the transition. Especially my son who has had to go through to different schools since we have moved here. He is such a champ.

I am happy to say that we our very happy with the area we found. Now all we have to do is find that one house where we can finally unpack all of our junk in ;0) (However, we still had to unpack a lot of our boxes and so I do not look forward to the repacking again).

With such a big move and taking the time to make sure everyone gets adjusted fine I have found myself finally feeling like I can FINALLY balance my life. This makes me have second thoughts as to whether or not to add blogging in it all. I still have a child who is home for me to care for and with my son getting older there is homework and sports to add into it all. I want to be the best mom I can be and knowing that I get stressed so easily I feel at this time I need to put my focuses elsewhere. As I mentioned earlier as well, my children have done so great with the adjustment and I don't want to throw them off in anyway if I can help it. Plus in 3-4 more months we will just be going through the packing and unpacking all over again.

I want to thank all of you who have patiently waited fro me to return. I have loved running this blog and bringing all of you such fun new and upcoming products. If you want to hang around for a few more months there is always the chance that I may pop in and get things running again. But for now I need to put the blogging aside.

I hope all of you our having a fantastic 2011 year thus far. I know I am ;0)

Take Care,
Mama Snow

Monday, December 20, 2010

Where is the linky???

You can pretty much count on me to not be around on the blog for the rest of the year. In fact, it may be for the next month or so. Here is what's up....

My husband got a great job opportunity last minute which required us to move out of state. This was just a little over a month ago. Since, our lives have been incredible crazy. Not only have we had the Christmas season to worry about but also, putting our house up for sale (Which we actually sold), Selling a car, dejunking our home, finding a temporary place to live while we have no clue about the area, finding a new school..... Basically the list could go on and on. My husband has had to be out of town 3 weeks in the last month which has left me to do a lot of the list on my own. Then there was the 2010 Christmas guide. I just couldn't let my readers and down so let's just say "Major Overload"!

We our officially moving the end of this month (shortly after Christmas) and for the first of the year (2011) we are going to be going through allot of transitioning. New schools and searching for a more permanent place to live while we live a temporary hotel. Oh yes, we have decided to make this a full on adventure and live in a one bedroom suite for the first month. We had an apartment selected, but last minute we decided with our furniture and everything being able to be stored (on the company) for a month, that we should just take a month to get familiar with areas and see if we can't find a home right away or come up with a more clear decision on what would be best for us during this time. It has been extremely hard for us to think through everything with all that's going on.

So for now and the next month or so, I will not be around much on "Catch the Drift...". I will have internet access so there is always a chance I may make a post our two, but I will not have the time to search for great deals and reviews until we get more settled.

Until my life gets back into order I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

$45 CSN Store WINNER!!!!

Now for the winner...... drum rolls.......

CONGRATS #392 McKim!!!

You have been emailed and have 48 hours to get back with me. Thanks to all who entered and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Season!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fabulous Friday Linky!!!

I want to first send a special thanks to all of the sponsors of our 2010 Christmas Gift Guide. It was a wonderful event and I am sure you all got some great gift ideas along the way. Be sure to check it out one last time if you still have some gifts you are looking for!


Also the last giveaway of the year will be closing December 14 so be sure to enter if you haven't already.

$45 CSN Stores GC

Now for more fabulous giveaways!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

FREE personalized call from SANTA!!!

This is a must this holiday to get everyone in your family in the Holiday Spirit. Not only did I have santa send my children their own personal call, but Santa also left my husband a personal call. I figured he had been a good enough boy this year to know that Santa Clause was thinking about him ;0)

Go to and follow the steps. It is very easy and also very fun as you customize the call to fit whoever you are sending it to.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

50.... wait 60 FREE Photo Cards!!!

An even better deal at This time get 50 photo cards Free!

Go to Login or sign up for an account, Create your 4x8 Flat Photo Card, put 50 of the cards in your shopping cart, put in the Promotional Code: 50cards and this will deduct the price of the cards/envelopes to $0. All you will have to pay for is shipping!!!

Just heard that you can put 60 cards and use the code: 50cards and you will have to only pay $4.90 for shipping!!!

Last giveaway of the YEAR!

So you may have noticed Catch the Drift... has slowed down this past week. This is because I plan on taking a nice long break on this already busy season. There is a chance that a review or some deals may pop up, but like I said I will be putting my focuses else where.

With this being said there is one last giveaway you all have a chance to enter if you haven't already. One winner will receive a $45 CSN Stores gift code. This can be used at any of CSN Stores sites!!! Check out the Giveaway Link for details. Giveaway ends 12/14